Yvonne Melski

Bar wench


Age: Late teens
Eyes: Green
Hair: Raven

A buxom young lady with raven coloured hair, happy green eyes and a winning smile.

deceased killed by Levi Schleck


Born and raised in Altdorf she is the daughter of a fisherman. Since she was old enough she has been working in pubs as a waitress.


The party Forrester Gruhn, Arman Schutzstaffel first encountered Yvonne in the frowning fop in in Altdorf in the adventure “The Pack and the Daddy” she had just been hired by Ralph Stumme to work as a waitress. Later that night she was assaulted by rowdy patrons and Forrester saved her, the two then begun to date. Through some family friends she then got Forrester into Pit Fighting via her brother’s trainer Harry Hairfoot.

Yvonne was poisoned by Levi Schleck and died later that night in Forrester’s arms while they were sleeping.

Yvonne Melski

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