Ursel Forstner

A dangerous noble woman who is not afraid to get her hands dirty


Age: Mid to late twenties
Build: Athletic
Eyes: Steel blue
Hair: Auburn

A physically fit woman in her mid twenties, trademarked by her rapier and throwing knives. She would be quite beautiful if it wasn’t for her eyes, though steely blue like her fathers, they hold no emotion and for the weak of will it is hard to meet her gaze.


Ursel was born in Altdorf and it is here which she remains. From a young age there was an evident cruel streak in her behaviour. Ursel would bully lower social classes and pick fights with anyone she didn’t like, one day Ursel killed a burgher’s son, her father Hahn Golder used his position to cover it up and then encouraged her behaviour. Over the years Hahn perfected his daughters anger to martial discipline and hired help to train her in the ways of killing. Nowadays she is the head of Golder security and performs sensitive operations for the Golders. Like the capture of Lindenberg Shulze in the adventure “A History of Violence”


Killed Kurt Becker
Killed Hov Borad

In the adventure “A History of Violence” Ursel’s husband, mother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew were killed in riots which were directly caused by the player party.

The party ((Lindenberg Shulze, Tyrel, Pierce Hawthorn and Dorf) last saw Ursel make her escape with Mario Rosseto and Hahn Golder in a dungeon below the city of Altdorf shortly after stabbing Ilse Heye in the chest.

Husband: Gottleib Forstner – Deceased
Father: Hahn Golder
Mother: Benedikta Golder – Deceased
Brother: Leonhard Golder
Sister in law: Sienna Golder – Deceased
Neice: Arthria Golder – Deceased
Nephew: Thomas Golder – Deceased
Uncle: Mario Rosseto

Ursel Forstner

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