Ulrike Lumpe

Baker's daughter and wife to be


Age: Early twenties
eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

An attractive young woman in her early twenties with an athletic build.

Deceased – killed by Forrester Gruhn


Born and raised in Altdorf Ulrike is the youngest of two daughters. She grew up with her family working in the family bakery in the Reikmarket and it is here that she remained. She was always somewhat secretive and kept to herself but maintained a loving relationship with Levi Schleck and eventually the two became engaged. Two years ago Levi disappeared mysteriously and she feared him dead at the hands of Mario Rosseto after much initial grief she began to volunteer at the cult of Shallya to fill the void let by Levi.


Father: Herbert Lumpe
Mother: Marianne Lumpe (deceased giving birth to Ulrike)
Sister: Sasha Van der Hausen
Brother in law: Etwin Van der Hausen
Niece: Monika Van der Hausen
Fiancee: Levi Schleck


In the adventure “The Pack and the Daddy” Levi returned to Ulrike after two years on the run and they continued their relationship where it left off.

It was also revealed that she had been living a secret life under the guise of Breda Humpingfingen as an initiate in the Cult of Ranald. When Levi was presumed dead she entered a relationship with Arman Schutzstaffel who believed she was Breda and did not know of her alternate life. During the war with the Black Boys she became a marked target for Bumbtwe Gudaffe who had Forrester Gruhn kill her, strip her naked, mutilate her body and nail her corpse to the statue of Sigmar in the Sindelfingen district in Altdorf. They then hung a sign around her neck saying “Bitch of Ranald” Bumbtwe posted guards on her body so the Ranlad priests could not recover it.

Her body was recovered several days later by the priests after defeating the guards and was given a proper funeral

Ulrike Lumpe

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