Ralph Stumme

Innkeeper Uncle and Friend


Age: late forties
Build: Obese
Hair: Bald with a large grey moustache
Eyes: Blue

An enormousness, overweight with a genial smile, large moustache and exceptionally sized man boobs


Born and raised on Altdorf Ralph has worked the pubs for his entire life. Fifteen years ago he bought a run down pub in the Docks district, improved it slightly renamed it the Frowning Fop and has run it ever since.

The party Arman Schutzstaffel, Forrester Gruhn, Levi Schleck first met Ralph at his inn in the adventure “The Pack and the Daddy” when Ralph let Levi and Forrester stay for saving Arman’s life


Wife: Teresia Stumme
Sister in law: Wigburd Schutzstaffel
Brother in law: Engelbert Schutzstaffel
Nephew: Arman Schutzstaffel
Nephew: Wilhelm Schutzstaffel
Nephew: Alfons Schutzstaffel
Niece: Clarimond Schutzstaffel
Niece: Brunhilde Schutzstaffel

Ralph Stumme

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