Nigel von Lancaster

A Marienberg elitist and career soldier


Outrider – ex Watchman

Age: 22
Build: Average
Hair: Blonde, short with part on his right side. Has a pencil thin moustache and a goatee.
Eyes: Blue

A young man with the spirit of adventure, he is a capable swordsman and leader.

Ex Player Character


3rd son of Evan von Lancaster (A famous Marienberg general and wealthy merchant) Nigel has grown up in the Marienberg military. Originally posted as an ensign in the 24th Halberdiers Infantry three years ago he purchased a commission in the 2nd Infantry Regiment, military advancement is slow in Marienberg due to the lack of neighbouring hostiles and over the past year Nigel has been training abroad with the military forces in Middenheim to better understand his allies. Currently his trainee ship is almost finished but he is reluctant to return home to inactivity and will jump at any chance he gets to explore the empire.

Nigel is fiercely arrogant but believes in the chain of command. He is a professional officer but the constant boredom of inactivity causes him to be mischievous and he is not above whoring, drinking excessively and gambling. He follows a code of honour but when not on the battlefield his self discipline lacks, while in a field battle he may extend honour to his enemies but in the back streets of Marienberg honour never bothers looking and Nigel never bothers to seeks it out.

When the town of Untergard was seiged by Beastman Nigel was deployed along with thousands of Imperial and Dwarf allies to reinforce the town. Although all of the regiments were evntually called back to Middenheim Nigel remained behind to assist Gerhard Schiller and the town Watch.

Nigel joined the party (Pierce Hawthorn,Tyrel during the retreat from Untergard in the adventure “Ashes of Middenheim”

In the adventure “Ashes of Middenheim” Nigel, along with Dorf, killed fellow party member Pierce Hawthorn for betraying the party to chaos cultists.

Nigel was killed by a Greater Deamon of Khorne in the adventure “Schilderheim”

Character Logs

Ashes of Middenheim – Nigel
Delbian Pirates – Nigel1
Schilderheim- Nigel2

Nigel von Lancaster

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