Kathrin Noller

A Master Priest of Ranald


Age: Mid 30’s
Build: Average
Hair: Long Brown
Eyes: Brown

An average woman for the most part, nothing remarkable about her to those that do not know her well.


Born and raised in Altdorf Kathrin became an initiate of Ranald under Albert Potz at the age of 16. She quickly rose through the ranks of the order and became Albert’s prise pupil. When she became an anointed priest she began taking on initiates of her own. Kathrin focuses on the aspect of Ranald the night prowler rather than Albert’s method of the rogue (spying and subterfuge) and she trains her initiates to be proficient stalkers and burglars. Recently she was elevated to the level of master priest and holds a seat on the informal Ranald council in Altdorf. Breda Humpingfingen is one of her initiates and she employs Arman Schutzstaffel as one of her many messengers.


In the adventure “The pack and the Daddy” Kathrin was involved in the gang wars against Black Daddy, coordinating infiltration, intelligence and reconnaissance missions during the Black Boys war on the cult of Ranald and other gangs of the Altdorf east end distrits. Kathrin was first introduced when Arman Schutzstaffel returned and delivered her a message.

Kathrin Noller

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