Dieter Hoffenbrau "Curley"

A mercenary for hire - the one that got away


Age: Early Thirties
Build: Muscular
Eyes: Green
Hair: Shaved

A muscular mercenary with a mouth and the skills to back it up


First encountered by the party in Altdorf in the adventure “A History of Violence” not much is known about Curley. He was hired by Louis Grellier along with other sell swords to assassinate Gottleib Forstner (Ursel’s husband. The party foiled the assassination but not before Curley humiliated a beleaguered Pierce with excessive taunting, superior martial skill and a viscous backbreaker which left his opponent a broken wreck. After disposing of Pierce he fled the battle as the tide was turning and hasn’t been seen since.


The party Levi Schleck Arman Schutzstaffel, Forrester Gruhn encountered Curly a second time in Altdorf in the adventure “The Pack and the Daddy”. Curly was a long-time rival and friend of Forrester and quizzed him on his business in Altdorf, especially since Forrester disappeared from his gang (The Black Boys) two years ago on a “special mission”

Dieter Hoffenbrau "Curley"

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