Breda Humpingfingen

Initiate of Ranald


Age: Early twenties
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

An attractive an athletic young woman.


Born and raised in Altdorf not much is known about Breda before she joined the cult of Ranald at the age of 16. Since then she has been training under Kathrin Noller in order to become a fully anointed priest of Ranald. She maintains a shaky relationship with Kathrin’s messenger Arman Schutzstaffel for the past year and hides many secrets from him such as where she lives, where can she be found and her family. It is more a relationship of convenience rather than anything else.


Shortly after Arman Schutzstaffel returned to Altdorf in the adventure “The Pack and Daddy” Breda contacted Arman saying that she was in terrible danger from the Black Boys. It was later revealed that Breda Humpingfingen is an alter ego and her real identity is Ulrike Lumpe

Breda Humpingfingen

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