Black Daddy

Crime Lord


Age: Mid twenties
Build: Giant, muscular
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Black

A mountain of a man, almost 7 foot tall and almost as broad. His skin as black as night and gives off a wiked reflection. A large scar adorns his right cheek running down into his lips and his wicked pointed teeth glare menacingly when he smiles


Not alot is known about Black Daddy. His real name is Khemri Botswana and to the educated he is from the Southlands and therefore dark skinned. To the uneducated he is a fearful sight, black of skin and viscous in appearance. Those who do not obey his will swiftly meet their ends. Black Daddy leads the notorious gang The Black Boys who’s lieutenants are comprised of Southlanders whom made the initial journey and help set up Black Daddy’s criminal empire in Altdorf. After Mario Rosseto disappeared in the riots during the adventure “A History of Violence” Mario’s gang, The Tileans, fell from power. The void was filled by Hotel Kislev and the Black Boys and a power struggle ensued. Until relatively recently there was a stalemate but now Black Daddy has usurped control from the Kislevites and is now the number one gang in the Altdorf eastern districts. Dominance was not enough for Black Daddy and he has now declared open war on the major gangs of the city (The Tileans, Dorfers and Hotel Kislev)) and even the Cult of Ranald itself whom he appears to have a particular hatred towards.

Leader of the Black Boys


Black Daddy was first introduced when his gang Lieutenants in dragged Forrester Gruhn to report his failure in capturing The Treasurer

Black Daddy

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