Arman Schutzstaffel

Messenger and Ranald Devotee


Age: Mid twenties
Hair: Brown shoulder length
Build: Average

Player: Intrepid

Reasonably dressed for a commoner, other than that there is nothing remarkable about this person

Career: Messenger



Arman grew up on the streets of Altdorf at his family home in a tenement in the Niederwind district. The son of factory workers Arman in one of six children. From an early age he aspired to be a priest of Ranald as they championed the poor but alas he was found unsuitable by the Cult. Impressed by his enthusiasm Kathrin Noller, a high priest of Ranald employed him for the past years as a high priority and sensitive information messenger. It is here where he met his girlfriend Breda Humpingfingen whom he maintains a shaky and secretive relationship with.


Uncle: Ralph Stumme
Aunty: Teresia Stumme
Mother: Wigburd Schutzstaffel
Father: Engelbert Schutzstaffel
Brother: Wilhelm Schutzstaffel
Brother: Alfons Schutzstaffel
Sister: Clarimond Schutzstaffel
Sister: Brunhilde Schutzstaffel


Arman joined the party Levi Schleck, Forrester Gruhn in the adventure “The Pack and the Daddy” when they saved him from hitmen hired by Bumbtwe Gudaffe outside the city of Altdorf. He found out the hard way that after his girlfriend left him Breda’s true identity was Ulrike Lumpe who was killed soon after by fellow party member Forrester Gruhn.

Arman was killed in the adventure “The Pack and the Daddy” by ex party member Forrester Gruhn in a battle between the Cult of Ranald and The Black Boys under the Khornate leadership of Forrester.

Girlfriend – Breda Humpingfingen

Arman Schutzstaffel

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