Citizens of the Empire

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 8

An old hero departs, a new enters...

10.11.2522 – 11.11.2522

The Clan Eshin assassin confronted the party about the whereabouts of the Skaven body and when Dr Shulze replied it attacked. Gutter runners stormed the room and the party fought as hard as they could, eventually the assassin’s retreated after heavy losses but the damage was done. Dr Shulze died at the hands of the assassin and Jens fell into despair at the sight of his dead role model.

The skaven bodies began to dissolve, Gunter said it appeared to be some sort of alchemic reaction designed to reduce the trace of the creatures should they fail. They checked the wards and found the entire staff and patients lying in pools of blood, some still within their beds. The group decided that this was not a good place to remain less the Stasi return and take them into custody. Jens recovered Dr Shulze book on the Skaven (named “Children of the Horned Rat”) with the intention on learning more about the doctor’s killers.

Tensions were high at this point, Arman and Gunter belittled Jens for his adoration of the late doctor and Jens blamed his death on them, saying that before he met Arman everything was fine. Jens returned home, Gunter went to the Shallyans to attempt some treatment and Arman informed Kathrin Noller of the days events.

Kathrin told Arman that the strike team which was to seek out the Skaven lair was almost assembled and that it would be lead by Liam, one of the battle priests who assisted in the capture of Casper Frenderich.

Arman returned to the Shallyan ward, picked up Gunter and went to Jens house in the Docks. Jens was not impressed to see them again but deided to be civil, apologising for his behaviour earlier. The group shared a bottle of wine in Dr Shulze’s honour and Jens told them about the book. The book was in classical but had several strange and detailed pictures, Gunter however could read this and spent the rest of the night browsing it’s contents.

The next morning Kathrin Noller appeared on Arman’s doorstep and told him the strike team was assembled. Arman gathered his companions and met up with Liam and his party in the Reikerbahn. Arman was to lead Liam through the sewers beneath the slums to the point in which they were attacked and then the strie team was to split up into three groups and find the beat’s lair.

Arman lead them through the sewers and the groups split up, when Arman mentioned that splitting up was not a good idea Liam reminded him of his place. The party made their way through the sewers and eventually found a poison globe lying in the murk. The party didn’t know what it was but Gunter said he saw it in the book last night and that it was some type of weapon, Arman wrapped it in his cloak and the group continued searching.

Eventually the group came across the sewer jack who had escaped with them the previously. They were initially wary of her and she told them she was looking for the bodies of her friends, the watch had kicked her out of the sewer jacks and wrote off the patrol, saying that she was crazy and that they would not go looking for them. The Sewer Jack (who introduced herself as Erika) asked what they were doing down here and Arman informed them about the strike team. She decided to join as she doubted she could handle a ratmen ambush by herself and the new team eventually found the bolthole to the Skaven lair.

Erika borrowed Jen’s shortbow and the group descended into the depths. They came across a large dooor and Jens peeked through into what appeared to be some from of grotesque dining room. The party readied their weapons as Jens stepped first into the depths of the Skaven hold.



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