Citizens of the Empire

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 2

Cold hard wet irony....

23.10.2522 – 26.10.2522

The next day the group went shopping Forrester bought a chain shirt and Levi decided against buying a short bow. The group split, Forrester decided it was time for him to get some training as he aspired to be a pit fighter. He then proceeded to the east end districts and bashed people for the fun of it. Unfortunately Forrester eventually attacked the wrong people and was put down by a group of thugs. He awoke several hours later in an attic naked and bound, much to his horror he also had realised he had been repeatedly sexually assaulted by the painful and wet status of his hind quarters. Not particular pleased to find out what it was like on the receiving end for once Forrester loosened in constraints and made his escape, deciding not to confront his abusers whom had not noticed the large man’s stealthy exit. Forrester marked the place in the back of his mind with the intention of a murderous return to those that inhabited it and set about procuring some clothes off unfortunate passers-bys as a naked man in the middle of winter in Altdorf did not have high prospects.

Arman and Levi had a far more pleasant day. Levi took Arman to a busy bakery in the Reikmarkt. He asked Arman to go inside and ask the whereabouts of Ulrike. Puzzled as to who Ulrike was and why Levi couldn’t do it himself he went in and asked a dark haired woman by the name of Sasha whom said Ulrike wasn’t working today. Levi was relieved at the information and the pair returned to the inn where they found Forrester dressed in a Hessian sack, after much heckling upon the discovery of Forrester’s afternoon activities Forrester was not able to work his shift at the inn and found himself in debt to Ralph who let him stay the night for free and Levi who lent him money to buy clothes. That night Forrester had a dream. In this dream he was in a large dining hall of an ornate castle. Four men of regal bearing sat at the table in front of him. The first was a brave and gallant warrior dressed in shining armour whom was sitting at the head of the table, the second was an old and wise scholar, the third was a fat and jolly merchant and the fourth was a beatiful and haughty nobleman. The guests then all looked at Forrester, the noble was disinterested, the merchant was laughing heartily, the scholar was pondering and the warrior smiled and reach out his hand, as if gesturing for him to shake it.

The next day, unperturbed about his strange dream (as they normally revolve around assaulting women), Forrester bought some clothes and recovered his wounds, Levi set about finding a new job as a scribe and applied at the Heye Shipping Co, his former employers. Forrester spent the day recovering from his injuries and Arman spent some time running errands for the Cult of Ranald. He was called in by Kathrin Noller and was met with a tearful reunion with his girlfriend and initiate of Ranald Breda. Kathrin told Arman that there was a gang war on with chief antagonists The Black Boys were causing most of the problems, when questioned further by Arman, Kathrin said it was not his place to ask as a mere messenger. Kathrin said Breda was shadowing a Lieutenant of the Black Boys by the name of Bumbtwe Gudaffe but her cover was blown and her partner and fellow initiate Siegfried was murdered as she made her escape. Arman recognised the initials from the hit note procured off the bodies off his attackers two days prior.

That night wile working at the Frowning Fop Forrester was confronted by his old friend Dieter Hoffenbrau “Curley”. Curely was surprised Forrester was back, he had been sent on a mission by his gang the Black Boys and hadn’t been seen in two years, the pair of them had been employed as thugs and hitmen for the gang for over five years. Forrester was quick to play down his connections to the gang to Arman and Levi saying that he had changed and he wasn’t like that any more, the party didn’t believe him.

Kathrin told Breda to lay low for a while and dismissed her from official duties. Arman and Breda chatted a while before spending the night together in an inn in the Reikerbahn district.

The next day Levi was pleased to find he was accepted into the job and set to work immediately, Forrester sold his horse to alleviate his debt problem and Arman ran some errands for Kathrin. Later that night while working for Ralph in the Frowning Fop, Forrester encountered some rich boys stirring trouble. The young men were harassing other patrons and even attempted to pin down and assault the new waitress Yvonne Melski. Forrester and Arman helped throw the boys out, looting a fine quality sword from one of their unconscious bodies in the process and after work Yvonne made her way upstairs to Forrester’s room to “show him her gratitude”.

The next day Levi made his way to the bakery he visited earlier and made his presence known to the patron, Herbert Lumpe. Herbert Lumpe and his daughter Sasha were overjoyed to see Levi alive and well, Levi was engaged to Herbert’s youngest daughter Ulrike and were due to marry. Unfortunately for Ulrike, Levi had disappeared two years ago during her father’s debt crisis with Tilean mafia boss Mario Rosseto. Shortly after Levi’s disappearance, Mario stopped harassing the beleaguered family for their debts and they feared that Mario took Levi as punishment and killed him for payment. Herbert said Ulrike would be overjoyed when she returns from her mission with the Cult of Shallaya. Apparently to cope with her grief she took to volunteering with the Cult and helping others to stave off depression due to Levi’s apparent death. Ulrike was due back tomorrow and Herbert invited Levi back for dinner that night.

The next day Levi spent waiting in earnest, he came over early in the night and Herbert was brimming with excitement with the surprise for his daughter. The door knocked and Levi answered, and Ulrike cried tears of Joy, after two long years the lovers where reunited once again. Levi said he had to leave, he organised the families payment to Mario but in the process angered some dangerous people and it was no longer safe for him to be in the city, he didn’t want to establish a connection with her or her family lest his pursuers used them to black mail him.

He was also referred by the Heye Shipping Co to work at the Reikland army logistics department as Colonel Schnitzel’s secretary. Levi accepted as it came with a substantial pay rise.

End Session.



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