Sweet Marrow

A tiny village in Middenland of around thirty people.

Many years ago Sweet Marrow was suffering from a food shortage, plagued by Beastmen and famine the tiny village fell on hard times and Paul had to make a radical decision. The village banded together and fought off their beastmen tormentors and from their corpses they cooked a feast which invigorated the townsfolk and alleviated their hunger crisis.

Soon the village hunted the beastmen for food and once their new found game became scarce they started to eat human travellers along the roads, they found humans tasted much better than beastmen anyway and were far easier to kill. The villages would simply lure the travellers to their town, drug them with schlaff and then process their bodies. The Mayor forbid the town to eat each other as that was bad community spirit so when a new visitor happens upon Sweet Marrow the town welcomes them with hearty smiles and hungry stomachs.

People who live here

Paul Kroeger – Town Mayor

Sweet Marrow

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