Citizens of the Empire

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 3
The past catches up

27.10.1522 – 29.10.1522

Forrester was suprised Yvonne was sticking around. She was so nice and friendly that Forrester could not believe his luck, for once in his life an attractive woman under her own free will slept with him and he didn’t have to force her or pay her a cent, life was good when you weren’t running with gangs. Forrester told Yvonne that he aspired to be a pit fighter but didn’t know where to start. Suprisingly Yvonne’s brother was a well known bronze league fighter and Yvonne offered to introduce him to her brothers old manager, a halfling by the name of Harry Hairfoot who ran a homebrew fight club twice a week out of his tavrrn in the Reikerbahn district. Yvonne introduced Forrester and Harry garuneteed him entry, if he won the comp Harry would sponsor Forrester in the bronze league, the lowest tier for proffesional pit fighter in Altdorf.

Arman ran more errands for the Cult of Ranald and Kathrin introduced him to Casper Frenderich, a master priest of Ranald whom was coordinating the Ranald’s defence against the Black Boys. Casper told Arman there was a traitor in their midst and that is why the cult members were being elimated with relative ease, Casper wasn’t impressed with Arman but Kathrin assured Arman’s loyalty was absolute. Kathrin said that he would be running errands for both Casper and her and that his faith in Ranald was paramount to the cult’s success.

Levi spent most of his time working and spending time with his fiance. Ulrike stated that there was urgent Shallayan business which needed to be attended to in Kemperbad and that she needed to leave for a week, although disapointed Levi let her go as now he could concentrate more on smuggling goods out of his new workplace and not have to deal with lying to his fiance about his whereabouts at night. Several days passed, Forrester prepared for his fight and worked at the inn, Arman ran errands and Levi worked. Arman delibered a series of letters on behalf of Kathrin and the cult succesfully gained the support of Niko Belic, mob boss of the Kislevite smuggler and protection gang Hotel Kislev. Unfortunately for Arman, his girlfriend Breda broke up with him citing that it was to dangerous for the pair of them to remain together, much to Arman’s sorrow Breda said she was to hide out with family members in the city of Kemperbad as it was their she believed she was out of bumbtwe’s reach.

Forrester fought two successful fights and envisioned a future where he could leave the past behind, fight in the leagues and live life with his new lady with a kid or two on the way. The next night however Forrester found out that things don’t always work out so well. Curley along with six thugs confronted Forrester and Yvonne and took them to see Bumbtwe Gudaffe (Forresster’s boss) in the Dreckslack Slums. Bumbwe asked why Forester had not captured the treasurer in the time and why he alone had survived the failed mission. Forrester believed the Treasurer to be dead as no one could escape him, Bumbtwe did not believe him. Bumbtwe said he would not turn Forrester in to Black Daddy for failing his mission (as black daddy would kill him for it) but in return Bumbtwe would require work out of Forrester. Forrester refused and Bumbtwe threatened to “fuck your slut and cut off her tits” in which Forrester in a rare act of compassion agreed, not wishing any harm on his new love whom was being held downstairs against her will by several gang members.

Bumbtwe told Forrester that he was to kill a female Ranald informant meeting with one of his contacts. The informant is under the impression that she was meeting with a snitch and in bumbtwe’s own words “To intercept the woman kill her savagely, strip her naked, disfigure her body and nail her corpse to the statue of Sigmar in the Sindelfingen district”. Forrester along with several men proceeded with he job, the woman attempted to escape but Forrester took her leg out with a viscous strike from his Halberd. The other goons descended on the dying woman, who was really more of a young girl with blond hair and blue eyes stripping her and mutilating her body, killing her in the process. Forrester searched her clothes and found Ranald talisman and a very expensive ring, he then threw the still warm corpse over his shoulder and nailed her to the statue (only a short walk away). Forrester then returned to Bumbtwe’s headquarters collected an unarmed Yvonne and walked home ashamed of himself.

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 2
Cold hard wet irony....

23.10.2522 – 26.10.2522

The next day the group went shopping Forrester bought a chain shirt and Levi decided against buying a short bow. The group split, Forrester decided it was time for him to get some training as he aspired to be a pit fighter. He then proceeded to the east end districts and bashed people for the fun of it. Unfortunately Forrester eventually attacked the wrong people and was put down by a group of thugs. He awoke several hours later in an attic naked and bound, much to his horror he also had realised he had been repeatedly sexually assaulted by the painful and wet status of his hind quarters. Not particular pleased to find out what it was like on the receiving end for once Forrester loosened in constraints and made his escape, deciding not to confront his abusers whom had not noticed the large man’s stealthy exit. Forrester marked the place in the back of his mind with the intention of a murderous return to those that inhabited it and set about procuring some clothes off unfortunate passers-bys as a naked man in the middle of winter in Altdorf did not have high prospects.

Arman and Levi had a far more pleasant day. Levi took Arman to a busy bakery in the Reikmarkt. He asked Arman to go inside and ask the whereabouts of Ulrike. Puzzled as to who Ulrike was and why Levi couldn’t do it himself he went in and asked a dark haired woman by the name of Sasha whom said Ulrike wasn’t working today. Levi was relieved at the information and the pair returned to the inn where they found Forrester dressed in a Hessian sack, after much heckling upon the discovery of Forrester’s afternoon activities Forrester was not able to work his shift at the inn and found himself in debt to Ralph who let him stay the night for free and Levi who lent him money to buy clothes. That night Forrester had a dream. In this dream he was in a large dining hall of an ornate castle. Four men of regal bearing sat at the table in front of him. The first was a brave and gallant warrior dressed in shining armour whom was sitting at the head of the table, the second was an old and wise scholar, the third was a fat and jolly merchant and the fourth was a beatiful and haughty nobleman. The guests then all looked at Forrester, the noble was disinterested, the merchant was laughing heartily, the scholar was pondering and the warrior smiled and reach out his hand, as if gesturing for him to shake it.

The next day, unperturbed about his strange dream (as they normally revolve around assaulting women), Forrester bought some clothes and recovered his wounds, Levi set about finding a new job as a scribe and applied at the Heye Shipping Co, his former employers. Forrester spent the day recovering from his injuries and Arman spent some time running errands for the Cult of Ranald. He was called in by Kathrin Noller and was met with a tearful reunion with his girlfriend and initiate of Ranald Breda. Kathrin told Arman that there was a gang war on with chief antagonists The Black Boys were causing most of the problems, when questioned further by Arman, Kathrin said it was not his place to ask as a mere messenger. Kathrin said Breda was shadowing a Lieutenant of the Black Boys by the name of Bumbtwe Gudaffe but her cover was blown and her partner and fellow initiate Siegfried was murdered as she made her escape. Arman recognised the initials from the hit note procured off the bodies off his attackers two days prior.

That night wile working at the Frowning Fop Forrester was confronted by his old friend Dieter Hoffenbrau “Curley”. Curely was surprised Forrester was back, he had been sent on a mission by his gang the Black Boys and hadn’t been seen in two years, the pair of them had been employed as thugs and hitmen for the gang for over five years. Forrester was quick to play down his connections to the gang to Arman and Levi saying that he had changed and he wasn’t like that any more, the party didn’t believe him.

Kathrin told Breda to lay low for a while and dismissed her from official duties. Arman and Breda chatted a while before spending the night together in an inn in the Reikerbahn district.

The next day Levi was pleased to find he was accepted into the job and set to work immediately, Forrester sold his horse to alleviate his debt problem and Arman ran some errands for Kathrin. Later that night while working for Ralph in the Frowning Fop, Forrester encountered some rich boys stirring trouble. The young men were harassing other patrons and even attempted to pin down and assault the new waitress Yvonne Melski. Forrester and Arman helped throw the boys out, looting a fine quality sword from one of their unconscious bodies in the process and after work Yvonne made her way upstairs to Forrester’s room to “show him her gratitude”.

The next day Levi made his way to the bakery he visited earlier and made his presence known to the patron, Herbert Lumpe. Herbert Lumpe and his daughter Sasha were overjoyed to see Levi alive and well, Levi was engaged to Herbert’s youngest daughter Ulrike and were due to marry. Unfortunately for Ulrike, Levi had disappeared two years ago during her father’s debt crisis with Tilean mafia boss Mario Rosseto. Shortly after Levi’s disappearance, Mario stopped harassing the beleaguered family for their debts and they feared that Mario took Levi as punishment and killed him for payment. Herbert said Ulrike would be overjoyed when she returns from her mission with the Cult of Shallaya. Apparently to cope with her grief she took to volunteering with the Cult and helping others to stave off depression due to Levi’s apparent death. Ulrike was due back tomorrow and Herbert invited Levi back for dinner that night.

The next day Levi spent waiting in earnest, he came over early in the night and Herbert was brimming with excitement with the surprise for his daughter. The door knocked and Levi answered, and Ulrike cried tears of Joy, after two long years the lovers where reunited once again. Levi said he had to leave, he organised the families payment to Mario but in the process angered some dangerous people and it was no longer safe for him to be in the city, he didn’t want to establish a connection with her or her family lest his pursuers used them to black mail him.

He was also referred by the Heye Shipping Co to work at the Reikland army logistics department as Colonel Schnitzel’s secretary. Levi accepted as it came with a substantial pay rise.

End Session.

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 1
The return home...

22.9.2522 to 22.10.2522

The adventure started where Schilderheim left off. Levi spent the month in a Shallyan ward, recovering from his injuries while Forrester took part time work as a caravan guard. After several weeks of protracted nightmares from their deamonic encounters in Schilderheim, the pair re-met and continued on their way. On their way from Altdorf they rescued a messenger from a gang of thugs intent on killing him for whatever information they carried. The messenger revealed himself to be Arman Schutzstaffel, he said he worked for the cult of Ranald and nothing more about the matter. The group searched the bodies and found a note detailing the hit on Arman by a man with the initials BG.

Arman thanked his rescuers and offered them free accommodation at his uncles inn in Altdorf and they readily excepted. The pair journeyed the rest of the day’s travel and made their way to the Frowning Fop Inn in the Docks district where they met the proprietor and uncle of Arman, Ralph Stumme and his wife Theresa. Ralph enquired on Arman’s physical state (as the man was severely beaten from his encounter with the bandits) before a problem customer entered the inn. The man was drunken and Ralph tried to eject him from the bar but the man pushed him over, Forrester leapt to Ralph’s defence and beat the man to a pulp and threw him out on the street. Ralph was so impressed with Forrester that he gave him and Levi a job as bouncers in the inn.

Arman fair welled the group and delivered the message which almost took his life to his employer, Master Priest of Ranald Kathrin Noller. Noller thanked him for his efforts and said they would be in touch. Levi and Forrester then worked the night at the bar.

End Session

Schilderheim Adventure Summary
And then there was two.....

The adventure centred around the investigation of the missing noble girl Maria Schmidt. After some investigating the party came up with inconclusive evidence. Unfortunately for the group they were unable to prevent the sacrifice of Maria and her two other half sisters and a greater deamon was summoned and destroyed the town. Nigel von Lancaster and Johann Kepler were killed when engaging the deamon. Forrester and Levi beat a hasty retreat and survived.

Character Logs


Delbian Pirates - Session 7
Battle of the Delb..

The party discussed the fate of the pirates they rescued from the foul hands of their Beastmen tormentors. Forrester wanted to kill them, Nigel wanted to save them and Levi and Johann wanted to question them. What they decided was to take them back to the ship and question them there as they were worried more Beastmen would return. The group tied the remaining pirates left and escorted them back to the ship, unfortunately for the party they had a visitor.

Between them and the ship stood Captain Suse Wilde and he had taken Captain Gerold (the parties escort) and his crew hostage. Forrester tried bravado on Wilde so Wilde immeadiatly executed Gerold with a shot to the head, and surrounded the party with the remainder of her crew. Suddenly Forrester seemed a little less forthright.

Wilde asked the group why she shouldn’t kill them and Johann responded well, firstly they had saved some of their crew memebrs and secondly they were there to get rid of Sirehart. Wilde offered the party to join the crew and Helma (the Heye Co sailor) attacked Wilde for killing her captain, Wilde shot her and continued talking as if nothing had happened.

The new found pirates sailed with their captain to Suderberg where they encountered Captain Sirehart and sprung the trap unfortunately for Wilde, Sirehart had expected treachery and Wilde lost the advantage of surprise. The party, the remainig Heye Co sailors and their new pirate “friends” fought hard against the Sirehart crew. Towards the end of the fight Captain Wilde was killed by a Sirehart archer and Sirehart himself, sensing victory, sprung into action. Unfortunately for Sirehart he underestimated the skill of Wilde’s new sailors and after some fancy shooting by Levi and Johann, Forrester dealt a viscous killing blow and Sireahrt fell dead on the decks of the Captain Wilde’s ship.

With both captains dead the remaining pirates dispersed, leaving the Delb safe for traders and travellers alike and collected their 1000 silver bounty.

Character Logs


Delbian Pirates - Session 6
Pirates and beastmen

The noble ball continued rather smoothly considering the circumstances. Johann managed to divert Jeanne’s attention long enough for her to leave Nigel and himslef alone and Nigel managed to confuse a high elf envoy whom new him from Marienburg. Levi and Forrester spent the majority of the night fixing Veltun Weld’s problem of the dead body (not knowing that Forrester was the one who killed him) and the pair eventually dumped the body in the river. The returned to work and through some social manoeuvring and a whole lot of luck and stealth eventually suceeded in stealing the necklace.

They returned the necklace to Andrea Furhmann whom was waiting for them at the safe house. Clammy J gave the party a message from Miss Lemme regarding Sigmund Sirehart. The message noted that Captain Wilde, a fellow pirate under Sirehart’s command, was disloyal to the point of mutiny and that Miss Lemme suggested the group use that to their advantage. The party returned to the Sturmgahner and foudn that a messenger had left a note for Johann.

The note informed Johann that a smuggler contact in Hemperbrook had some information for him. The party returned and met Hubert Humpingfen, a smuggler whom had been robbed by Sirehart and contact Johann’s master for help. Hubert told the group that a pirate whom he had seen when his ship was captured was frequenting the tavern nightly. The group waited and then bounced the pirate and took him back to their ship. They questioned him and the pirate (Hansjoerg) confessed the whereabouts of some of his crew, they were holed up at a small abandoned village by the river called Esterstein, about a days sail from Hemperbrook.

Hansjoerg had escaped saying that Captain Wilde (whom he was serving under) was crazy and he feared for his life. The group took him to Esterstain were they found a small group of pirates being ritually sacrificed by Khornate beastmen.

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Delbian Pirates - Session 5
Who brought him along....

Miss Lemme asked the party for a favour. She wanted them to help steal an item for an associate of hers, in exchange she would give them what limited information she had on Captain Sigmund Sirehart. The party agreed and Miss Lemme told them they were infiltrate the merchant ball and would require disguises, two nobles and two servants. They were to meet up with their contact at the market square before heading onto the ball.

The group waited the day out changed into their relevant disguises and went about their business. The noblemen (Nigel and Johann) made their way to the market square and found their contact to be Lady Andrea Furhmann. Lady Furhmann informed the group that they were to steal Countess Gallowsvitch’s engagement necklace which would normally be located in her quarters. Lady Furhmann informed that it would be difficult for her to assist the group as her recent father husband’s and brothers death in the storm of chaos made her one of the most eligible bachelorette’s in the northen Empire. Johann also noticed that she was a devout follower of Ranald herself and that she was most likely a highly skilled thief.

Meanwhile Levi and Forrester infiltrated the ball as servants. There they met the infuriating Chamberlain Veltun Weld and learnt that upstairs access in the estate was exclusive to those wearing the Gallowsvitch red armband. They pair soon set to work as servants and tried to discover what they could about their surroundings.

By this time Nigel and Johann had entered the ball and set about socialising. Their cover was that Nigel was a merchant from Marienburg whom distributed Elven and Arabyan tapestries (which part of what his family does) and that Johann was his business partner. The pair met up with Levi and Forrester and discussed their plans. Rodgard Heye, whom was a guest at the party, noted Levi in servants garb and questioned his actions. Levi didn’t even bother to lie and told Rodgard he was on Captain Sirehart’s trail, Rodgard was particularly interested and informed Levi that he wished to be informed of any knowledge that he obtained and left him to his duties.

Forrester set about getting himself an armband. He coerced a red banded servant into a storeroom and then stabbed him in the back of the neck. Unfortunately for Forrester his victims blood then covered his shirt, the victim and a sizeable portion of the room. Forrester panicked and tried to leave via the window but alerted a guard in the process. Forrester closed with window, locked the door and begun to freak out in earnest.

Veltun Weld asked Levi and another servant to get something out of the storeroom. They found the door locked and Forrester claimed that he was locked in. Levi, realising something was amiss convinced the other servant to return with help and inquired as to what was the matter. After a hasty discussion Forrester punched Levi in the face and Levi slashed open Forrester’s arm, their plan was to pretend to be the victims of the attack and the took their positions and waited.

Meanwhile Johann was being watched by fellow guests Jeanne-Jos├ęphine Potier and her bodyguard Giles, they were convinced he was acting suspiciously and confronted Johann about it. Jeanne had met Nigel last week at the Charred Mare and former party member Tyrel and told her that Nigel was an adventurer. Jeanne was not impressed with Johann’s evasive manner and said she would keep an eye on him.

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Delbian Pirates - Session 4
And then there was one...

Character Logs

The road wardens came for Tyrel the next morning. After roughing him up a bit and re opening some wounds they took him into custody where he rendezvoused with Nigel whom had given himself up and told the wardens of the party’s location. During Tyrel’s time in transportation his wounds became infected and he caught a case of yellow fever which got progressively worse during his trip.

The two remaining party members were tried for the murder of Max, break and entry and the suspected murder of Karlis and Gretchen. They were found not guilty of the murder charge but Tyrel was convicted of break and entry and was sentenced to one week imprisonment at Hemperbrook jail. Unfortunately on the 5th day of his jail term he succumbed to his disease and died. Nigel collected his belongings and vowed to return them to the Bright College in Altdorf.

After some moping around in an inn Nigel met up with Forrester Gruhn and Johann Kepler, while they were both men of unkonown Nigel was short of hands on his search for Captain Sigmund Sirehart. Nigel returned to Torsten Freimans with a vastly different group then Torsten met over a week ago and he gave them a lead to seek out “Clammy J” who works at a brothel by the name of The Sailor’s Rest in Delberz. The group then went to Rodgard Heye who gave them a boat as promised and also a new member by the name of Levi Schleck.

Together, along with the ships crew they sailed to Delberz and met with Clammy J. Clammy J didn’t have anything to say and didn’t know anything about the pirates so the group returned to the river boat for the night. When they awoke they found a note instructing them to return to the Sailor’s Rest that night and speak a codeword to the receptionist.

When they returned Clammy J seemed surprised and showed them upstairs to Miss Lemme

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Delbian Pirates - Session 3
When the bow breaks....

The adventure continued with party members Tyrel and Dorf investigating the scene of the Schnittger murder. Thepair decided to return to Nigel and Theo who were waiting back at the Gretchen household. Nigel was probing Theo about his background, suspecting that Theo was some sort of wanted criminal, Theo managed to deflect his accusations leaving a highly suspicious Nigel to muse over the information Theo gave him.

Dorf and Tyrel returned however it was quite late in the day, the party agreed to travel to the Kirshemann household and with mixed opinions headed out for several hours travel in the dark forest with no outdoors experience between them. Theo led the party and got lost several times, the party was somewhat unimpressed and after realising they had spent four hours searching in the dark they made camp for the night. The party made camp and took turns keeping lookout. Theo, whom was second watch, fell asleep on duty and proceeded to have a very raunchy dream involving a very attractive woman with exceptional tongue control, theo woke soon after to find a grizly bear had pinned hm down and was licking his face and presumably was about to eat him. Theo was gravely injured by the Bear but the party brought it down, Theo took the bear claws as a trophy of his near death experience.

The party continued to The Kirschemann house where they were greeted rather hostilely by suspected murderer and household owner Max. Theo threatened to kill Max and Max reacted violently, yelling for his family to take cover, he attacked Theo believing the party may have been bandits due to the hostile nature in which Theo was behaving. Nigel attempted to halt Max but he then attacked Nigels horse. Dorf then attempted to take control by hitting Max over the head with the blunt side of his axe, unfortuantely for Dorf the resilience of a human skull is substantially lower then that of his own and the blow hit with tremendous force that Max was knocked unconscious with a single blow. Nigel and Dorf then proceeded to tie up Max for questioning later.

Theo and Tyrel attempted to get Max’s wife Klothilda to open the cabin door in which she would not comply due to the fact she heard her husband yell that the party were bandits and looked out the window and saw Dorf attack her husband with a savage blow to the head. Theo picked the lock and went around the side of the house to see if there was an alternate entrance. Tyrel warned Klothilda that he was coming in side and that he meant her no harm, upon opening the door Klothilda fired her blunderbuss point blank into Tyrel’s chest and Tyrel collapsed unconsoius, his torso a wrangled mess of blood, flesh and shrapnel.

Nigel restrained Klothilda while Theo brought Tyrel inside to assess the lethality of his wounds. Theo continued acting aggressively towards Klothilda ad her children so Nigel attacked him. Nigel then stormed out of the cabin calling te group criminals and then rode off. Dorf tried to calm down the children and question Klothilda awhile Theo continued threatening everybody. After unnsucesfully trying to diffuse the situation they checks on Max whom had passed away, in the process of knocking him out Dorf’s blow caused internal bleeding in Max’s skull and died shortly after.

Theo was unperturbed about this and continued to threaten Klothilda and her children, this time with sexual assault. Dorf then punched Theo out and tied him up leaving Dorf with Tyrel and Theo unconscious, one missing party member, one dead father and a mother and two children terrified of him. Dorf untied Klothilda and questioned her again, he also found two keys of unkown origin in Max’s body and assumed they belonged to Karlis and Gretchen as when he visited their houses their doors were locked after they had been murdered. Klothilda attended to Tyrel’s wounds and suggested to Dorf that he returned to the apothecary’s house to get some healing draughts. Dorf then tied Theo to his horse and set off.

Theo awoke and was unimpressed with Dorf, especially since he believed he did nothing wrong. The pair found the healing druaghts and continued back to the cabin. Klothilda administered the healing draughts and Tyrel awoke shortly after but could not move due to his ill health. The party decided to stay the night and Dorf and Theo slept outside. Around 10pm they heard the sound of horses and were confronted by a group of road wardens sent to arrest them, Dorf and Theo killed the lot of them as Dorf refused to surrender and then told Tyrel that they were leaving the party as they were now wanted criminals and did not want to implicate him any further. Theo once again threatened Klothilda and decided not to rape her due to his heavily injured state, he went seperate ways to Dorf and took the Warriors Sword with him.

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Delbian Pirates - Session 2
A favour for an old friend...

The party’s night of relaxation at the Charred Mare continued. Tyrel spent the night talking to Jeanne-Jos├ęphine Potier, he discovered that she was a Bretonian noble and by the heraldic colours of her bodyguard Giles that she was someone of significance. Dorf returned from the docks and had an altercation with a drunk Kislevite sailor named Andrei, the result of this was a vodka drinking contest in which Dorf prevailed. Andrei was thrown out of the inn and Theo proceeded to rob his unconscious body, pleased with the amount of silver he obtained off Andrei’s hard won drinking bets.

Nigel successfully wooed a local girl, an impressive feat considering how beastly drunk he was and them both of them went upstairs, unfortunately for Theo they went in his room, Theo was unimpressed but soon joined in in the fun at Nigel’s request and Theo, resourceful as always, complied with great enthusiasm. The next morning Nigel illegitimately denied all behaviour of misconduct, doubting the vulgar stories that Theo told him as a proper officer would not behave in such a fashion, even though he couldn’t quite remember what happened.

The party then sniffed around Delberz for information regarding the bounty on Sigmund Sirehart. All leads pointed them to the Heye Shipping Co in nearby Hemperbrook so they travelled there. Tyrel noted the curious levels of security in the Delberz county, the fact that watchmen document who is travelling in and out of the county towns as well as where they are going, he also noticed a significant amount of road wardens about, all very uncharacteristic for war ravaged Middenland.

The party reached Hemperbrook and sought out the Heye shipping Co. There they met Rodgard Heye, whom after discovering that Dorf and Tyrel were the adventurers helped save his little sister Ilse Heye, offered them a use of a company boat to track down Sigmund Sirehart. Rodgard had been gathering information on the pirates exploits, he did say that the number of attacks increased over 4 months ago and the number of deaths in these attacks had increased dramatically over time.

The party left the Heye shipping Co and assisting a gravely wounded man in getting to the doctor. The doctor was an old acquittance of Dorf and Tyrel by the name of Torsten Freimans who asked the party to do him to retrieve some antidotes from his apothecary a day or so travel out of town as she was late on her delivery.

The party then headed towards the apothecary’s house, on their travel they met a friendly charcoal burner by the name of Karlis Schnittger and they spent the night at his cabin in the woods. Karlis told the party that Gretchen (the apothecary) and himself “keep each other company” from time to time. Dorf was also after a bear pelt and Karlis suggested that he head to the Kirschemann household which was a few hours walk away.

The party reached the apothecary house where they found out she wasn’t home. After some searching they discovered the battered and naked body of a woman in her early thirties. Tyrel, using his recently learned medicinal knowledge, deduced that she had been dead for around three days. The woman also had bruising around her face, arms and ribs in which Nigel indicated are traits of defensive wounds. Nigel also discovered that the wound which killed the woman was blunt force trauma to the back of the head. The party decided to leave Nigel and Theo at the apothecaries house and head back to Karlis to question him. Upon arriving at Karlis’s house they found Karlis dead in a shallow grave with a puncture wound in his chest, most commonly caused by an arrow or crosswbow bolt. After some quick searching they found a custom fletched arrow driven into the ground.

Character Logs



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