Warriors Sword

An archaic princely sword

weapon (melee)

The party (Lindenberg Shulze, Carlos and Ryder) received this weapon in the adventure “Lothring” after succesfully answering the long dead warriors riddles. The same weapon was used by the warrior 2500 years ago to defeat the demon possessing his younger brother, unfortunately in the act of banishing the demon the warrior was killed and his sword was stored with his body under a burial mound near where the modern town of Lothring stands today.

The weapon is somewhat archaic in appearance, it is much shorter than modern broadswords and is primarily used for thrusting. The design is somewhat similar to the ancient swords used by the Remans in pre Sigmarite history.

During the parties time with the sword it has changed possesions several times, it’s owners in Chronological order were

The ancient warrior prince – Carlos – Lindenberg ShulzePierce HawthornTheophilus Glaser


In the adventure "Delbian Pirates’ Theo left the party (Tyrel, Nigel von Lancaster ) after becoming a wanted criminal and took the warrior’s sword with him.

Warriors Sword

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