z Granny Moescher

Respected Town Elder


Nobody can remember a time without Granny Moescher being around, even before the battle she was easily the oldest living person in the town. She dispenses advice about life and herbal cures for some of life’s more embarrassing problems with equal skill, and is warm and friendly – though she can be very sharp with people if she thinks they are malingering or otherwise being work-shy. Her healing skills were invaluable after the battle, although now that Father Dietrich has arrived she leaves serious injuries to his care.

Whilst Captain Schiller concentrates on physical defences, and Father Dietrich shores up the shaky foundations of the townsfolk’s faith, Granny Moescher is the one leading efforts to return the town to some semblance of normal life, such as starting farming again.

z Granny Moescher

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