z Father Dietrich

Priest of Sigmar


An honest, forthright, and somewhat humourless man, Father Dietrich is a devout priest of Sigmar. He is newly arrived in what remains of the town, having been sent from Altdorf to replace the old priest killed in the battle, and eventually, to oversee the building of the destroyed temple of Sigmar.

For now, he conducts well attended services at a makeshift shrine at the end of the bridge. He is easily the most educatated person in the town, and advises Captain Schiller on matters magical and spiritual.

However, most of the townsfolk in town are a little intimidated by his “big-city ways” and “Book larnin’” and so whilst they are happy to attend his sermons, most townsfolk with actual problems go to Granny Moescher instead.

z Father Dietrich

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