A Bright Wizard who enjoys setting things on fire.


Acolyte Wizard – Ex Apprentice Wizard

Ex Player Character – Deceased


Age: 27
Build: Tall and lanky.
Hair: Fiery Orange

Tyrel is much a mercenary for hire, constantly seeking the approval of ascending to the rank of Battle Wizard. Altdorf has been his primary source of work, attempting to join the ranks of the Imperial army.

His reckless actions and hot tempered attitude have been known to put others in much danger, or at least leave one with a cold noggin for the winter. Not much for answering questions, he is quite secretive at times, although it is mainly due to his line of work. A need to know basis.

His aspiring goal to become a Battle Wizard at any costs, leaves only a sense of distrust. Never trust a wizard.

Tyrel joined the party (Lindenberg Shulze) after hiring the lazy surgeon as a mercenary to aid him in the adventure “Ben’s Adventure”


In the adventure “Delbian Pirates” Tyrel died of yellow fever after his wounds became infected.

Character Logs

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