Torsten Freimans



Age: Mid 60s
Hair:white, has a pronounced bald spot

An old looking man with half moon glasses.


Torsten Is an old wispy haired physician with thick glasses and a hot temperament. He was a mentor and friend to Lindenberg Shulze and is the resident physician in Marienstein. While he appears to be a bit arrogant he has a kind heart and is willing to help people, providing they can afford the “quality” of his care

The party (Dorf, Tyrel, Pierce Hawthorn) first encountered Torsten when he was working in Marienstein in the adventure “A History of Violence” where gave the party some vital backgorund information about missing party member Lindenberg Shulze


The party (Dorf, Tyrel, Theophilus Glaser and Nigel von Lancaster) encountered Torsten a second time in the adventure “Delbian Pirates!”. Torsten left his position in Marienstein to join the Emperor’s army as it marched north to relieve Middenheim from Archeons chaotic legions. After the war Torsten settled down in Hemperbrook as the towns resident physician died of a fever in the winter campaign of the war. The party Nigel von Lancaster last saw Torsten in Hemperbrook after he pronounced Tyrel dead from yellow skull fever

Torsten Freimans

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