Theophilus Glaser



Age: 25
Build: tall, thin, scrawny
Hair: dark, short, 9 o’clock shadow

Ex Player Character

Theo is a fugitive runaway who lives between homes and earns what he can through gambling. Very vocal and his outlook on life is rather humorous besides his history.

Theo doesn’t have an occupation and money is low. Gambling is a hard industry to achieve wealth within without being accused of cheating. Theo considers himself a ‘sweet-talker’ although this attitude has been known to land him in some troublesome situations.

Theo joined the party (Dorf, Tyrel, Nigel von Lancaster) after they all found themselves in an Ulric jail cell in the adventure “Ashes of Middenheim”


In the adventure "Delbian Pirates’ Theo left the party (Tyrel, Nigel von Lancaster ) after becoming a wanted criminal and took the Warriors Sword with him.


The party Erika Weiss, Gunter Bieber, Roland von Strasse, Jens Voigt encountered Theo in the adventure “Sweet Marrow” under the employ of Engelbert Lancier. No-one in the current party knew who Theo was.

Theophilus Glaser

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