Theophil Garterfield

A working class hero


Age: Mid 30s
Curly blond hair, hazel eyes
Build: Strong

A strong working class docker which the common man can relate to.



Theophill (or “Theo” as he is known) is a former stevedore from the Singelfingen district in Altdorf. Theo, along with several other men including Hahn Hawthorn, took a strike action against the Golder Bank when they lowered their workers pay. When it started two weeks ago they had twelve people, now they have almost two thousand workers on strike and they are growing by the day.
This was helped in part by Ilse Heye and Hov Borad by using their infuential position to spread the word of the strike.

Now the strike covers not only the Golder bank but dozens of other companies in a variety of industries, because of this trade in Altdorf has come to all but a complete stop.

In the adventure “A History of Violence” Theo betrayed the party and fellow strike members Ilse Heye and Hov Borad by selling them out to Hahn Golder. He was later killed by Hov Borad because of this.

Theophil Garterfield

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