The Treasurer



The treasurer’s description is one of an average man in his mid twenties, so much so that it is impossible to describe him as his profile matches over three quarter’s of men within the Empire.


Not much is known about the Treasurer other than he was a independent contract counterfeiter. He was employed for a period of three years by Black Daddy but subsequently stole a large portion of funds from the Black Boys and disappeared in 2520. Black Daddy sent two bounty hunters who knew what the Treasurer looked like and Forrester Gruhn (who didn’t) after him. The hunters caught up too the Treasurer in Nuln in 2521 but the Treasurer killed one of the hunters, Forrester and the other hunter then tracked him to Middenheim one year later but the last hunter was killed in the mutant riots in the adventure “Ashes of Middenheim”. Forrester than decided to return to Black Daddy to report his failure as he was yet to lay eyes on the Treasurer and had no chance of finding him alone.

The treasurer was revealed to be Levi Schleck

The Treasurer

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