Sigmund Sirehart

A notorious pirate


Age: late 40’s
Build: Huge
Hair: Grey, large beard


A large intimidating man with a love of murder.


Captain Sirehart made his fame pirating down in Sartosa, recently he ran a small ship in the waters between Marienburg and Altdorf before moving his operations to the river Delb for reasons unkown. He employed captain Suse Wilde to assist him and for 6 months he ravaged the waters between Altdorf and Delberz attracting large bounties and the attention of Johann Kepler, Miss Lemme and more.


The party (Nigel von Lancaster, Johann Kepler, Levi Schlek and Forrester Gruhn) first encountered Captain Sirehart in the adventure “Delbian Pirates” while boarding his ship under the command of Captain Wilde. Sirehart was killed by Forrester Gruhn via a viscous blow to the head during the fight.

Sigmund Sirehart

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