Rodgard Heye

An astute business man and heir to the Heye legacy


Age: Late twenties
Hair: Bald, well maintained brown beard
Build: Stocky
eyes: Hazel

A large stocky barrel chested man with a short well maintained beard and a sharp wit


As the eldest child of the Heye family responsibility and opportunity was thrust upon Rodgard from a young age. Some boys would have cracked or rebelled against the relentless pressure of business but Rodgard revelled in it. When he was eighteen he met his wife Imke in his hometown of Altdorf and soon after they had there first child, Kurtis. When he was twenty five his father, Kurt Heye, promoted him to head of Middenland operations and posted him to Delberz. When Count Gallowsvitch lowered the rent and docking fees in Hemperbrook Kurt moved his base of operations there, keen to capitalize on the cheaper rates. Currently he is tracking the exploits of Sigmund Sirehart quite keenly, Sirehart’s piracy his hurting everyone on the Delb and Kurt his eager to put an end to his tyranny.


Wife – Imke Heye
Son – Kurtis Heye
Mother – Agna Heye
Father – Kurt Heye
Brother – Peter Heye
Sister in law – Rosemarie Heye
Niece – Isolette Heye
Sister – Belinda Heye (deceased – fever)
Sister (adopted) – Ilse Heye


The party Nigel von Lancaster, Dorf, Tyrel, Theophilus Glaser first encountered Rodgard in the adventure “Delbian Pirates” in Hemperbrook. He lent them a river boat to aid them in the hunt for Sigmund Sirehart. The party Nigel von Lancaster, Levi Schleck, Johann Kepler, Forrester Gruhn last saw Rodgard when they returned his ship minus six crew after they defeated Sirehart

Rodgard Heye

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