Pierce Hawthorn


Bounty Hunter


Age: 29
Build: tall, broad, built
Hair: dark, medium length, pony tail, goatee

Ex player character – Deceased

Pierce considers his attitude to be that of a sceptic and usually keeps to himself. Although it may look like Pierce is involved in the discussion, his ideas will be mostly phony and not to enrich the party’s needs.

Pierce’s occupation is not discussed, although work is constant and aids the use of his reckless behaviour and high knowledge and skill of long-range weapons. Pierce has a drinking problem mostly due to his line of work and if given the opportunity struggles to back down from a fight or bet in which he may or may not have the chance of winning.

Pierce joined the party (Dorf, Tyrel in the adventure “A History of Violence” in order to assist in finding missing party member Lindenberg Shulze.


In the adventure “A History of Violence” Pierce’s brother Hahn was murdered by thugs under orders from Mario Rosseto


In the adventure “Ashes of Middenheim” Pierce was killed by fellow party members Dorf and Nigel for betraying the party to chaos cultists.

Brother: Hahn Hawthorn – Deceased
Sister-in-Law: Grettle Hawthorn

Pierce Hawthorn

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