Niko Belic

Kislevite Mob Boss


Age: Mid Thirties
Build: Wiry
Hair: Shaven with stubble
Eyes: Blue

A wiry dangerous looking man with intense blue eyes and a ruthless stare.


Born and raised on the streets of Kislev, Niko is a hard man. He joined Hotel Kislev when he was 13 and gradually raised through the ranks until he became the Boss’s 2ic. he was praised for his ruthless yet tactical approach to gang warfare and was a skilled diplomat. During the storm of chaos he left Hotel Kislev to join the Kyazak in defence of the Motherland. When Niko returned the boss promoted him to head of the Altdorf branch as the previous appointee was loosing the local war against the Black Boys

Head of Hotel Kislev Altdorf branch

Niko Belic

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