Miss Lemme

A broker of information


Age: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Build: Slender

Of the few that have seen Miss Lemme none have seen her face, hair or skin. She sports a full length and full sleeved red dress, on her hands are ornate laced white gloves and her face is permanently concealed by a white masquerade mask, she also sports a white cowl over her head, hiding her hair, if she has any at all.


Not much is known about Miss Lemme, few people in the Empire know she exists and even fewer have seen her. Those that have had the chance are no closer to her identity due to the mysterious nature in which she conducts her meetings. What is known about her is that she is a brothel owner, she owns dozens of Brothel’s throughout the Empire and Marienburg and has hundreds of informants.

Miss Lemme see’s herself as a trader of information, if you can get onto her and have something mutually beneficial for trade such as money, infomration or other services there is a good chance Miss Lemme will have something that you seek. Finding her however is another story…


The party Nigel von Lancaster, Levi Schleck, Johann Kepler, Forrester Gruhn first and last encountered Miss Lemme in the adventure “Delbian Pirates” at the Sailor’s Rest in Delberz when she asked the party to assist Andrea Furhmann in exchange for information on Sigmund Sirehart

Miss Lemme

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