Mario Rosseto

Tilean wholesaler and business owner


Age: early forties
Build: average
Eyes: brown
Hair: black ponytail with a neatly trimmed goatee

An olive skinned business owner from Tilea, he wears dark clothing, has a thick Tilean accent and is intimidating in appearence.


Originally from Sartoga in Tilea, Mario moved his base of operations from his home country to the city of Altdorf, along with him came Emilio Maretti his 2ic and resident strong man. Together they built a business made of fear and persecution and while Mario has always maintained he is an importer of furniture it doesn’t take much to realise that his built buckles over much more than exquisite home decor

Ordered the murder of Hahn Hawthorn


The party (Lindenberg Shulze, Tyrel, Pierce Hawthorn and Dorf) last saw Mario make his escape with Ursel Forstner and Hahn Golder in a dungeon below the city of Altdorf shortly after bashing Ilse Heye to within an inch of her life.

Emilio’s 2ic and friend Emilio Maretti was killed on a Watch raid on Mario’s estate during the Altdorf riots in the adventure “A History of Violence” As well as his daughter Sienna Golder.

Daughter: Sienna Golder – Deceased
son-in-law: Leonhard Golder

Mario Rosseto

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