Lindenberg Shulze

A very fat, very lazy Barber Surgeon who drinks hard, plays hard and rests frequently


Age: 50
Build: Overweight
Hair: Black/grey, mutton chops

Ex Player Character – deceased

Lindenberg started adventuring rather recently, shortly after he received several malpractice suits in his home town of Marienstein. He has yet to front to his hearing.

He is a drunken wastrel and serial gambler. He avoids physical effort given the chance and is not above bullying weaker people around, Lindenberg has found himself rather rich after the demise of the other two party members and has been lording it up ever since. He is also known for his reliance on his twin pistols which he picked up unceremoniously off the body of his fellow party member and “friend” Carlos. Despite repeated attempts he has yet to hit anything with them and the sight of a battle ready Lindenberg with pistols in hand produces a groan from his fellow adventurers, after several futile attempts at shooting Lindenberg abandons his pistols and waves his quarter staff about frantically in order to defend himself. For some reason he is very effective at this but not he, or his fellow party members can discern why.


In the adventure “A history of Violence” Lindenberg was captured by Ursel Forstner and held captive by Hahn Golder. During the course of the adventure Lindenberg’s daughter Ilse Heye was severely injured by the Golders. He decided to leave the party to assist in the recovery, learn how to be a physician and start anew with his long lost daughter, free of Golder retribution. Theparty last saw Lindeberg at a Shallyan ward in Altdorf caring for the broken body of his daughter, Ilse Heye


Lindenberg Shulze is an alias devised by Otto Von Clausen which is in fact Lindenberg’s true identity.

Otto Von Clausen was a burgher who made his fortune in river based logistics in the city of Altdorf. During his time in Altdorf he became friends with the heads of his two of his rival companies Hahn Golder (Golder Bank) and Kurt Heye (Heye Shipping Co). The relationship turned sour when Otto fell in love with Sarah Verner, Hahn’s fiancĂ©e and they eloped together. Hahn was furious and never spoke to either of them again, their betrayal nurtured Hahn’s underlying hate for the common folk and led him on a downward spiral of murder and deceit.

14 years later Sarah fell pregnant with Otto’s first child, when Hahn heard of this he plotted to have them killed. On the night in which Sarah gave birth to her daughter, Hahn burnt the Von Clausen family home down. Sarah perished in the fire but Otto managed to save himself and his new child. He went to his friend Kurt Heye asking for him to protect his child whom he had name Ilse, Kurt agreed. On the same night Kurt’s wife Agna was also due to give birth, unfortunately she had a miscarriage and the baby didn’t make it, Kurt and Agna decided that they would raise Otto’s daughter as their own so she would be safe from Hahn Golder.

Otto saw an old contact of his in the physician’s guild, they posted him out to Marienstein under the tutelage of Torsten Freimans and it was here which fabricated the alias of Lindenberg Shulze and he learnt his trade as a barber surgeon.

He remained here until six months ago when Hahn Golder found out he was alive, Otto escaped his captors and hit the road, fabricated the lie of malpractice suits and took up life as an adventurer.

Wife: Sarah Von Clausen (deceased)
daughter: Ilse Heye


Lindenberg employed Jens Voigt as an admin assistant
Lindenberg appeared in the adventture “The Pack and the Daddy” to party members Jens Voigt, Arman Schutzstaffel, Gunter Bieber. Lindenberg hired the party to investigate the monsters plauging Altdorf’s east end district. He also revealed extensive research into the Skaven and when the party presented the body of one he said he was blowing the lid on the Skaven conspiracy. He was later killed by a Clan Eshin Assasin

Character Logs
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Lindenberg Shulze

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