Levi Schleck

Gentlemen, scholar and criminal.


Age: Mid twenties
Height: Average
Build: Average
Hair: brown
Eyes: Browner

A particularly average man in every sense of the word, there is nothing unremarkable about his appearance.

Career: Forger

Player: Tuttle
Ex Player Character – Deceased


Levi has yet to divulge his past to the party. The only thing known about him is that he had worked for Rodgard Heye as a scribe in Hemperbrook and Delberz and he has a reiklander accent, he is well learned and his attention to detail is unparalleled.

Levi joined the party (Nigel von Lancaster, Forrester Gruhn, Johann Kepler) in the Adventure “Delbian Pirates” after leaving Rodgard Heye and the Heye Shipping Co to hunt Sigmund Sirehart


In the adventure “The pack and the Daddy” it was revealed that Levi had a fiancee in Altdorf by the name of Ulrike Lumpe. Ulrike’s father Herbert had fallen into a debt crises at the hands of Mafia boss Mario Rosseto and needed to attain a large amount of money in a short period of time or else Mario would take his daughters as payment. Levi paid off the families debts in mysterious circumstances and disappeared for two years. The Lumpre family didn’t know he paid the debt and assumed he was killed my Mario as payment. One year after Levi’s disappearance Ulrike (who at the time was living a double life as Breda Humpingfingen) began to date Arman Schutzstaffel under her guise as Breda. When Levi returned she dumped Arman but was killed by Forrester Gruhn in the gang war against The Black Boys. Levi discovered this and killed Forrester’s girlfriend Yvonne Melski by poisoning her.

It was revealed that Levi was The Treasurer and upon discovering this Forrester Gruhn killed him by cutting his head off in the streets of Altdorf


Engaged to Ulrike Lumpe
Worked for Rodgard Heye at the Heye Shipping Co
Killed Yvonne Melski
Killed by Forrester Gruhn

Levi Schleck

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