Kurt Heye

A rich burgher who owns a river based logistics company


Age: Early fifties
Build: Large
Eyes: Hazel
Hai: Bald, grey beard

Kurt Heye is a largish buhrgermeister in his early fifties with no hair and a well a prominent maintained grey beard. He dresses lavishly but his demeaner is welcoming, he generally seems interested in what people have to say, regardless of social level.


Kurt Heye has lived in Altdorf most of his life although he was originally from Averland. He inherited his family business (which at the time was a land based logistics company) at an early age and moved it to Altdorf to better capitalise on the sea trade routes that led into the city. It was here he met his wife Agna and together they raised a family. Kurt Heye was a very good friend and fellow Burgher and entrepreneur Otto Von Clausen, even though they were business rivals according to Kurt they were close friends.

Currently his business is gravely affected by the workers strike in Altdorf of which his youngest daughter Ilse Heye is a key member. Although it pains him that his daughter is ruining his business he doesn’t prevent her from doing so, even allowing strike memebers to escort her to and from his house during strike hours. His excuse is “love” and that it would be hypercritical of him to prevent Ilse for standing up for what she believes in.


In a history of Violence it was revealed that Otto Von Clausen Lindenberg Shulze is Ilse’s real father. Many years ago Otto Von Clausen brought a new born Ilse to Kurt Heye seeking protection for her against Hahn Golder after an arson attack which killed Ilse’s real mother, Sarah. Otto von Clausen then disappeared and left Ilse with the Heye’s. The same night of Ilse’s birth and the Arson attack Kurt Heye’s wife Agna had a miscarriage, they decided to raise Ilse as a Heye and keep her identity secret from Hahn Golder who had he found out, may have decided to kill her in her infancy.

Wife – Agna Heye
Son – Rodgard Heye
Daughter in Law – Imke Heye
Son – Peter Heye
Daughter in law – Rosemarie Heye
Daughter – Belinda Heye (deceased – fever)
Daughter (adopted) – Ilse Heye
grandaughter – Isolette Heye
grandson – Kurtis Heye

Kurt Heye

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