Kurt Becker

An Altdorf watch seargent in the docks district


Age: Mid thirties
Build: Large, muscular
eyes: brown
Hair: Short blonde, brown beard

A heavily muscled large guardmen with a blond hair and beard. He wears the blue and red uniform of the Altdorf guard.



Kurt grew up in the outlying regions of Altdorf, he joined the army in his late teens and rose to the rank of corporal but had recently decided to retire from the service and take up the position of a watch seargent in the city he loves. Because of his military upbringing it is hard for him to come to terms with the rampant corruption among the town watch and he fights any way he can to reform the hearts, minds and honesty of his fellow guardsmen. Most of which has been bought out by Mario Rosseto

Kurt was killed by a crossbow bolt to the chest (presumably fired by Ursel Forstner) while accompanying the party in Altdorf

Kurt Becker

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