Johann Kepler

A Renald Priest Initiate


Renald Priest Initiate

Age: 19
Build: Short and nimble
Hair: Long straight black hair and no facial hair.
Eyes: Green

A young thief gone rogue in an effort to appease a higher power; Ranald.

ex player character


Johann, bastard of the whore Anna Kepler grew up in the streets of Middenheim. At a young age he was trained by his mothers master, Walter von Koknschtoff to take to the streets and pilfer peoples pockets. If he did not return with at least 4 silver for the day he would have taken a beating and made to clean the brothels business rooms. Johann quickly learnt that his more than suitable build and slight of hand kept him from copping a beating. Johann’s mother, Anna died of an incurable disease when he was just 16 years old. Talk of his plans of leaving the brothel soon reached von Koknschtoff, who decided to put a price on his head if he did not stay. Johann was forced to flee the city the only way he knew how, silently at night.

Hidden away in a cargo boat headed for Altdorf, Johann met up with a young thief named Alfonz who showed him how to travel undetected on the cargo ships. Johann’s charms revealed that Alfonz was a Renald priest initiate under the teachings of Albert Potz in Altdorf. With no other place to seek refuge Albert made an effort to teach Johann the ways of the Renald, seeing he had some natural ability to fulfilling Renalds mischievous ways to bring balance to the world.

Johann joined the party Nigel von Lancaster, Forrester Gruhn in the adventure “Delbian Pirates” when he overheard the two party members discuss Sigmund Sirehart.
Johann had a mission from his master to investigate the pirates illegal practices.
Johann was killed in the adventure “Schilderheim” by a Greater Deamon of Khorne

Johann Kepler

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