Jeanne-Joséphine Potier

A Bretonian noblewoman with an eye for adventure


Age: Early twenties
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Build: Slender

A very young and very beautiful noblewoman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She has an interest in the arts, foreign cultures and natural history


Lady Jeanne-Joséphine Potier is the third child of the influential Joseph Potier, Earl of Courreogne. Jeanne’s incessant need to learn, travel and generally aspire in life was somewhat of a trouble to her politically minded father as such actions by a female Bretonian are scandalous, particularly if they originate from an Earl’s daughter. Jospeh allowed Jeanne to travel the old world to be rid of her travel bug so she could come home and behave like a proper Noble lady should, she assigned one of his most trusted knights, Sir Giles Bonnen, to her protection and bid her farewell on her 16th Birthday. She hasn’t been back since.


Joseph Potier – Father


The party Nigel von Lancaster, Dorf, Tyrel, Theophilus Glaser first encountered Jeanne and Giles in the adventure “Delbian Pirates” at the Charred Mare Inn in Delberz in the adventure “Delbian Pirates”. The party Nigel von Lancaster, Levi Schleck, Johann Kepler, Forrester Gruhn encountered her a second time during the adventure at Count Gallowsvitch’s ball in Delberz. She was suspicious of the parties motives and knew Nigel and Johann were not who the claimed to be. They last saw her looking suspiciously at Johann in the private areas of Count Gallowsvitch’s household hours before the Countess’s necklace was stolen by Levi Schleck

Jeanne-Joséphine Potier

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