Ilse Heye

A young idealistic girl who believes in equality and human rights


Age: Mid teens
Hair: long Brunette
Eyes: Blue
Build: Slender


Ilse his the youngest child of the Heye family. The Heyes are a successful burgher family from Altdorf who own the 2nd largest river freight and logistics company in the city, because of that they are very rich and considered to be in the upper tier of Altdorf society. Ilse is idealistic and free spirited and is somewhat of a black sheep in the family. She is currently a key player in the dockers strike and is a source of motivation for the plight of the downtrodden workers. Although the strike directly affects the financial situation of her family’s business her parents still let her persist with the strike.


Mother – Agna Heye
Mother (real) – Sarah Von Clausen
Father – Kurt Heye
Father (real) – Otto Von Clausen (Lindenberg Shulze)
Brother – Rodgard Heye
Sister in Law – Imke Heye
Brother – Peter Heye
Sister in law – Rosemarie Heye
Sister – Belinda Heye (deceased – fever)
Niece – Isolette Heye
Nephew – Kurtis Heye


In a history of Violence it was revealed that Otto Von Clausen Lindenberg Shulze is Ilse’s real father. Many years ago Otto Von Clausen brought a new born Ilse to Kurt Heye seeking protection for her against Hahn Golder after an arson attack which killed Ilse’s real mother, Sarah. Otto von Clausen then disappeared and left Ilse with the Heye’s. The same night of Ilse’s birth and the Arson attack Kurt Heye’s wife Agna had a miscarriage, they decided to raise Ilse as a Heye and keep her identity secret from Hahn Golder who had he found out, may have decided to kill her in her infancy.

The party (Lindenberg Shulze, Pierce Hawthorn, Dorf, Tyrel) last saw Ilse in a coma at a Shallyan ward in Altdorf. Ilse had been severely bashed by Mario Rosseto and stabbed by Ursel Forstner.

Ilse Heye

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