Hov Borad

A dwarf docking official in Altdorf


Age: centuries
Hair: Orange hair and a great shaggy beard
Build: Short, stocky

Hov is a short stocky dwarf with a great orange beard and thick matted hair. He appears to be very old, even for a dwarf.



Hov is an ex-patriot of Karaz-a-Karak. He has lived in the empire for many years but for the last few decades he has taken up a position as an official in the docks in Altdorf. He is not above a laugh or two and enjoys good company. Particularly other dwarves.

He is currently a key player in the strikes in Altdorf


Hov was killed by Ursel Forstner leading the riots in the adventure “A history of Violence”
Killed Theophil Garterfield

Hov Borad

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