Herbert Lumpe

Baker Man


Age: late forties
Build: overweight
hair: Bald
eyes: Blue

A large fat and cheerful man with a pronounced limp on his right leg, often carries a can for long distance walking


Born and raised in Altdorf Herbert runs a successful bakery and pie shop in the Reikmarkt district in Altdorf. His two daughters assist him with this and his wife died in child birth while giving birth to his youngest daughter Ulrike. Several years ago the bakery fell under hard times and Herbert was forced to take a loan off loan shark and mob boss Mario Rosseto. When Herbert was unable to pay the loan off Mario personally broke Herbert’s right knee cap, a wound which requires Herbert to walk with a cane this very day. Mario also threatened to take Ulrike and Sasha as payment as essentially slaves, Herbert was very worried about this and fell into the black dog of depression. After a few days of constant harassment via Mario’s thugs Mario stopped calling and shortly. The family wondered at his fortunate turn of events and shortly after Ulrike’s fiancee Levi Schleck never came home from work and was never seen again…


Father: Herbert Lumpe
Wife: Marianne Lumpe (deceased giving birth to Ulrike)
Daughter: Sasha Van der Hausen
Son in law: Etwin Van der Hausen
Granddaughter: Monika Van der Hausen
Daughter: Ulrike Lumpe (deceased, murdered by Forrester Gruhn)


Herbert was first introduced when Levi Schleck returned to him after two years in the adventure “The Pack and the Daddy”

Herbert Lumpe

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