Harry Hairfoot

Halfling business owner and fight manager


Age: 54
Build: Fat
Race: Halfling
Eyes: Brown

A fat joyful looking Halfling with short grey hair and brown eyes. He dresses with flair and moves with a energy despite his appearance and age


Born and raised in Mootland to a rich family Harry is quite the entrepreneur. A great lover of fights Harry served as an officer in the field wardens. Eventually he inherited his families wealth and opended a series of taverns back home. Not content with the sedentary lifestyle his people lead he venture out and opened the Bludweiser inn in the Reikerbahn district in Altdorf here he holds regular pit fights and sponsors the victors in the professional leagues.

He is a good friend of Yvonne Melski and trained up her brother Hanzig whom is a successful pitfighter.


The party Forrester Gruhn, Levi Schleck, Arman Schutzstaffel first encountered Harry when Yvonne introduced them in the adventure “The Pack and the Daddy”

Harry Hairfoot

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