Hahn Hawthorn

Pierce's brother


Age: 40s
Hair: Dark
Eyes: hazel

A stocky, simple man who was always full of joy.


Hahn is Pierce Hawthorn ’s older brother. Up until recently Hahn Hawthorn was a stevedore working in the Golder shipping company in Altdorf. He was one of the original members of the strike initiated by Theophil Garterfield. Currently his where abouts is unknown as those close to him have not seen him in over a day. He was last seen at the Burley Griffon tavern in Singlefingen talking to some “shady looking characters”

3 days after he went missing the party found Hahn dead in the sewers. He was dumped there presumably by the men who were talking to him outside of the Burley Griffon. The party killed the people attempting to dump his body and while they were most likely the ones who killed Hahn they were sell swords and whoever the person who hired them to do it was ultimately responsible for the loss of Pierces brother.

The party soon learned that Mario Rosseto was responsible for his death.

Hahn Hawthorn

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