Hahn Golder

A bank director and minor noble


Age: Early fifties
Eyes Steely blue
Hair: Stark White

Hahn dresses lavishly as a man of his status would, he has a friendly demeanor and he commands attention when he speaks. His demeanor gives the impression that he is highly intelligent. He has a slight Ostlander accent.


Hahn was originally from Ostland but moved to Altdorf in his early twenties. It was then he set up the Altdorf branch of the Golder Bank (a nation wide, family owned company)which was very succesful, and they eventually branched out into river based trade. Nowadays Hahn is the head of the Golder Bank, being the eldest of the Golder siblings and conducts his business at the companies head office in the Bankberzirt district in Altdorf. His logistics business boomed with the death of the Von Clausen family and shortly after the bank superceded their chief rival the Heye shipping Co.

Lately Hahn’s business has been effected greatly by the Altdorf workers strike, it was his comapny in which the initial workers striked against and Hahn is conducts his business from home instead of his office due to safety concerns from the working populace.

He has a wife, three children and four grandchild living with him in his estate in the Friedwang district.


Hahn was originally friends with Otto Von Clausen (see Lindenberg Shulze) but the relationship turned sour when Otto eloped with his fiancee Sarah Verner. Hahn had them killed in a house fire believing the Von Clausens to be dead. He later learned that Otto von Clausen survived and had him recaptured in the adventure “A History of Violence”. The party thwarted his plans of assasinating the key members of the workers strike and killing their friend Lindenberg (Otto). During the adventure Hahn’s wife, daughter-in-law, son-in-law and his two grand children perished in riots directly caused by the Player party (Lindenberg Shulze, Tyrel, Pierce Hawthorn and Dorf) The group last saw him make his escape through a sewer service tunnel in Altdorf during the riots.


Son-in-law: Gottleib Forstner – Deceased
Daughter: Ursel Forstner
Wife: Benedikta Golder – Deceased
Son: Leonhard Golder
Daughter-in-law: Sienna Golder – Deceased
Granddaughter: Arthria Golder – Deceased
Grandson: Thomas Golder – Deceased

Hahn Golder

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