Forrester Gruhn

Thug, bully and all round unpleasent


Age: early 30’s
Hair: Shaven/stubble for a beard
Build: Muscular
Eyes: Blue

A tall broad and intimidating man covered in scars.

Career: Thug
Player: MAGIC



Grown and raised on the streets of the Singelfingen district in Altdorf Forrester’s life was tough. From an early age he learnt the only way to survive was to be bigger badder stronger and more cruel than everyone else around. As soon as he was old enough he joined one of the many gangs of the Altdorf poor quarter and main a name for himself cracking heads and killing people for his various bosses

Forrester joined the party Nigel von Lancaster in the adventure “Delbian Pirates” at a bar in Hemperbrook.


In the adventure “The Pack and the Daddy” it was revealed that Forrester was a member of the Black Boys. He was sent by gang boss Black Daddy over a period of two years to hunt down The Treasurer but ultimately failed. He joined the party as they were heading back to Altdorf like he was, he was ultimately tired of gang life and tried his best to avoid it but when he returned to his home city the past caught back up to him. He later rejoined the Black Boys and became a Lieutenant found out that fellow party member Levi Schleck was The Treasurer and killed him.

Forrester left the party to fight for the Black Boys and sold his soul to the blood god Khorne for infinite power


Killed Sigmund Sirehart in “Delbian Pirates”
Killed Ulrike Lumpe in “The Pack and the Daddy”
His girlfriend Yvonne Melski was killed by fellow party member Levi Schleck in the “Pack and the Daddy”
A good friend of Dieter Hoffenbrau “Curley”
Direct boss in the Black Boys – Bumbtwe Gudaffe
killed Levi Schleck

Killed by Jens Voigt in the adventure “The Pack and the Daddy”

Forrester Gruhn

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