Erika Weiss



Age: Early thirties
Build: Athletic
eyes: Brown
hair: Dark

A strong, athletic woman with a hard face and cold eyes.

Career – Thief


Erika Stead was born into a small farming village by the name of Gelder in eastern Stirland. Life was hard for the town, being on the border of Sylvania they were at constant risk of attack from the von carstein menace. Erika married into the Under family when she was fourteen and by the age of sixteen she had three children, two girls and a boy.

One night when Morsleib was at it’s fullest the dreaded vampire Helgaz Karner descended upon
Gelder, killed it’s inhabitants and rose them as servants in his undead armies. Erica at the time was away delivering the villages taxes and when she returned she found the village deserted. She retreated to the local garrison and told the local ruler of her towns fate and later that night Helgaz launched his undead forces about the watchtower. Erica was forced to take arms with the soldiers and the inexperienced farm girl fought with every ounce of her strength against the shambling horde. During the fight she came across the animated corpses of her parents, siblings, husband and children and was forced to cut them down in the fray.

With nothing left a suicidal Erika joined the hundred of refugees destined for Wurtbad and spent the next year starving and begging just to get by, she even attempted suicide but was prevented from dying by a persistent Shallyan priest. A young thief by the name of Herschell Weiss took fancy to Erika and taught her all he knew, the pair became married and spent the next three years as a successful crime duo, terrorising the homes of affluent families and donating what they could to the Cult of Ranald. Their happiness did not last forever as eventually Herschell was captured by the city guards and executed, Erika left Wurtbad and wandered Stirland alone, eventually joining a group of Vampire hunters.

The vampire hunters tracked down active menaces in Sylvania and after two years even killed Helgaz Karner himself, Erika driving the stake through his cold heart, vengeance for the death of her family years earlier. After Helgaz met the true death Erica left the group and headed north to Ostermark.

Erika, now in her early twenties joined the light cavalry and with joint training with the Kislevite boyars, Erika became a fine horse archer. She spent several years here before leaving the militia and trying her hand at adventuring. For the past seven years she wandered the empire as a mercenary, selling her skills as a thief and a fighter to whoever paid. During the storm of chaos she put her career behind her and rejoined the Ostermark state military – fighting Archeaons forces in Kislev, Ostland and the battle of Middenheim. After Archeon’s defeat she returned to her wandering life in the attempt to forget the depravities witnessed by Archeon’s forces.

Recently however she was travelling to Altdorf and was jumped by unknown assailants. They stole her belongings, beat her to an inch of her life and left her for dead. She awoke a month later in a Shallyan ward with several viscous scars and no memory of recent events.


Erika joined the party Gunter Bieber Arman Schutzstaffel Jens Voigt in the adventure “The Pack and the Daddy” when she encountered the group while looking for the bodies of her fellow sewer jacks who had been attacked by Skaven (her included) the previous day.

Erika Weiss

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