Engelbert Lancier

Merchant Extraordinarre


Age: Late Thirties
Build: Fat
Hair: bald presumably but he always wearing a ridiculously gaudy powdered wig.

A small fat man with no sense of business or style.


Originally from Averland Engelbert has made his fortune trading goods. He is a shrewd business man, a famous poet and lover, a personal friend of the Emperor and a world renown swordsman. Or that’s what he tells everyone.

In reality Engelbert is an incompetent idiot, his repeated failures in business and his personal life have made in financially ruined, Engelbert however doesn’t believe this and continues along oblivious to the fact he is completely bankrupt. His constant companions and employees Felix and Verner are well aware of Engelbert’s financial situation (far more than Engelbert himself) but are amazed that Engelbert still has the coinage to pay them every week.

The party (Dorf, Tyrel and Lindenberg Shulze first encountered Engelbert in the adventure “A History of Violence” when they were hired by “the great entrepreneur” himself as guards on their travels between Bogenhafen and Marienstein.


The party (Dorf, Tyrel, Nigel von Lancaster and Theophilus Glaser) encountered him again in the adventure “Delbian Pirates” when Engelbert once again hired them to be caravan guards between Middenheim and Delberz and it was there that he left there company


The Party Erika Weiss, Gunter Bieber, Roland von Strasse, Jens Voigt encountered Englebert, Felix and Verner caravan in the adventure “Sweet Marrow” heading between Pritzstock and Middenheim. Englebert warned them of travellers going missing on the roads. Engelbert also had a number of mercenaries employed for his protection, one of them was ex party member Theophilus Glaser although no one in the current party knew who he was.

Engelbert Lancier

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