Dwarf. Shield. Hammer.


Ex Player Character

Troll Slayer – Ex Soldier


Found in a giant spider’s web by his new companions Dorf has yet to reveal much about himself, beside his abduction from a Dwarven Throng camp, an event that brings him a great deal of sorrow, remorse and above all, shame. Dorf has displayed a prediliction for fire and something of a distructive streak, this may be due to the recent loss of his warband. Dorf feels that the only reasonable course of action is to pursue the life of slayer, ever hoping that he may be killed at the hands of a troll, a giant, a daemon or best of all a dragon. Despite this he does feel some loyalty to his rescuers, although he may leave at a moments notice to pursue violence against any creature he feels may do him harm.

Dorf joined the party (Lindenberg Shulze, Tyrel) after they rescued him from the cacoon of a giant spider in the adventure “Ben’s Adventure”


In the adventure “Ashes of Middenheim” Dorf, along with the assistance of party member Nigel von Lancaster, killed fellow party member Pierce Hawthorn for betraying the team to chaos cultists.


In the adventure “Delbian Pirates” Dorf left the party (Tyrel, Nigel von Lancaster after becoming a wanted criminal.

Character Logs

Ben’s Adventure – Dorf
A History of Violence – Dorf1
Ashes of Middenheim – Dorf2
Delbian Pirates – Dorf3


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