Colonel Schnitzel

Logistics Coordinater


Age: early fifties
Eyes: Blue
Hair: white and balding, curly mustache
Build: Fat

A large red faced man with a pronounced pot belly, curly white moustache and a viscous temper.


A minor noble from Reikland, Colonel Schnitzel was a fine miltary commander in his time, age however has not been kind and has ravaged his once powerful mind. He has a penchant distaste for other races, other human nations and non Reikland Empire citizens. He refers to Kislevites as barbarians, Bretonians has frog faces, Estalians as dagoes and Tilians as wogs and refuses to acknowledge any other human nations.

Currently he has been appointed as Quartermaster General of Reikland’s armies and he oversees the receipt and dispatch of military goods and supplies in Altdorf.


Levi Schleck first encountered the Colonel when he was hired to work as the Colonel’s secretary after an exemplary referral from the Heye Shipping Co in the adventure “The Pack and the Daddy”


Employed Levi Schleck

Colonel Schnitzel

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