Bumbtwe Gudaffe

A Gang Lieutenant


Age: Early 30’s
Build: Muscular, tall and large
Hair: Dark, with a great beard
Eyes: Black

A huge and intimidating man with dark black skin which lets off a gleaming shine, a great shaggy beard and huge corded muscles, truly a terrifying sight


Born in the Southlands to into the Botswana tribe, Bumbtwe was raised as a warrior in service to the tribal leader’s son Khemri. When Khemri left the Southlands to seek his fortunes in the Empire he took a select number of fiercely loyal tribesmen with him, Bumbtwe was first and foremost amongst this group. When Khemri established the Black Boys in Altdorf in 2216 and took on the alias of Black Daddy Bumbtwe was made his Cheif Lieutenant.

When Forrester Gruhn and Dieter Hoffenbrau “Curley” joined the gang in 2217 Bumbtwe paid specific attention to the pair and assisted their rise to power within the underworld.


Bumbtwe was first introduced when he blackmailed Forrester Gruhn to kill Ulrike Lumpe in the adventure “The Pack and the Daddy”

Bumbtwe Gudaffe

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