Andrea Furhmann

Noblewoman by day, master thief by night


Age: Mid twenties
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark
Build: Athletic


Andrea was born the second child of Baron Gunther Verstadt of Schoppendorf. When she was young she was sent to Middenheim where she was to learn the art of being a lady, unfortunately for the Baron it was here she learnt the way of the thief by a wayward priest of Ranald.

Later in her life her father arranged her marriage with Baron Furhmann, cousin of Duke Leopold Von Bildenhofen. This marriage made Andrea extremely wealthy and allowed her to travel the Empire, stealing priceless artefacts from her fellow nobles for the thrill of it. When Andrea stole off a fellow noble she would fence the item and donate the profits to the poor under her families rule.

The recent Storm of Chaos took the lives of her husband, father and her brother leaving all of both families wealth and titles to her. This recent widowing had caused an innumerable amount of suitors to caw after her, eager for her hand in marriage and a share in her wealth.


The party Nigel von Lancaster, Levi Schleck, Johann Kepler, Forrester Gruhn first and last encountered Andrea in the adventure “Delbian Pirates”. Miss Lemme provided the party to assist Andrea in stealing Countess Gallowsvitch’s engagement in Delberz

Andrea Furhmann

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