Agnethe Oberway

A senior physician in the Collegium Medicanae


Age: mid to late 70s
Hair: white, done in a bun
Build: really old and really thin

Wears very thick very large glasses and has difficulty hearing and seeing.


Agnethe has been a physician for over fifty years and despite bouts of alzheimers disease she is remarkably intelligent. She holds a position of power in the physicians guild and oversees the training of the new initiates. She is a long time acquaintance of Torsten Freimans and takes her job very seriously. She currently lives in Altdorf

The party Dorf, Tyrel, Pierce Hawthorn first and last encountered Agnethe in Altdorf following a lead from Torsten Freimans while on the trail of missing party member Lindenberg Shulze in the adventure “A History of Violence”

Agnethe Oberway

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