Citizens of the Empire

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 9

Of rats and men

11.11.2522 – 11.11.2522

The party fought hard through the clanrats whose ranks were boosted by the appearance of the Skaven’s chef from the nearby kitchen. The party then immediately scoped the surrounding rooms discovering a kitchen and armoury.

The kitchen was a scene of grotesque macabre, human bodies hung from flesh hooks and their severed heads were piled in the corner like some form of nonchalant waste disposal. Hundreds of rats had descended upon the pile eating eyes and noses and whatever delectables took their fancy, the party swiftly bolted the door lest the rat swarm fancy a fresher meal.

The group advanced into the next room and was met with what appeared to be a rat ogre preparation room. Hundreds of caged animals barked/hissed/growled at the dozens of Skaven slaves toiling endlessly to remove and prepare the animal parts for assembly. The number of ratmen in the room was too great for the party to deal with but fortunately battle priest Liam and his thieves launched their attack from a separate room into the ratmen’s flanks, taking the advantage of surprise.

The party entered the room, kicked over a table and began taking pot shots at the panicky slaves. The regular Skaven were trying their best to whip the unruly skaven into a fighting force but Arman launched the poison wind globe he had found earlier into the masses, causing panic and death by suffocation.

The party and the thieves reigned triumphant, slaughtering the Skaven to the last beast before moving together as a single force through the Skaven’s lair.

The next room contained the stuff of nightmares. Large cylindrical vats dominated the room containing dozens of malformed and developing rat ogres. Cruel machines hung off the walls while green electricity danced overhead. The north part of the room contained cages and cages of human captives who screamed and called out for the party to save them but there was obstacles in their way.

Pack master Scritch Scritch and his rat ogre Boneclaw laughed manically, more than pleased that their quarry had returned and that they had brought more friends to add to his collection. Amongst Scritch Scritch’s allies were a group of stormvermin, clanrats and Black Boys. The party expressed surprise at the fact that the Black Boys were working with the Skaven but as they began to question a group of Ranald thieves led by battle priest Andrea stormed the room from an alternate entrance evening the numbers.

Scritch Scritch saw his advantage slipping and ordered the charge, the Black Boys engaged Liam party, the stormvermin and clanrats engaged Andrea’s party and Scritch Scritch and Boneclaw took the party for themselves.

The party fought hard against ScritchScritch and his rat ogre. The ogre bounded his way across the room and by the time he engaged in combat with Jens he was a virtual pin cushion of arrows and magic bolts courtesy of Erica Arman and Gunter. The rat ogre tore Jens apart in a single blow but somehow the servant turned adventurer stood back up on shaky legs, beaten and bloody that he was he was determined to avenge his mentor Lindenberg Shulze and he refused to give up despite his grievous injuries. The rat ogre was put down by Erica via a timely arrow which saved Jens life and Scritch Scritch was put down soon after by Gunter as the packmaster was no threat without his pet beast.

End Session



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