Citizens of the Empire

The Pack and the Daddy - Session 7

The loathsome ratmen...

9.11.2522 – 10.11.2522

Arman and Jens headed back to Kathrin Noller. Arman relayed the information given to him by Bandric and asked for help in exploring the sewers in search of the creature which was plaguing the east end district. Kathrin volunteered the services of Gunter Bieber a young apprentice grey wizard who’s master had volunteered him to aid the cult in the turf war against the Black Boys. Arman was sceptical of the usefulness of the awkward boy but accepted his masters wishes.

Yens had spent the time purchasing his equipment and came away with a chain shirt, round shield and a sword. Satisfied that this what adventurers wore he returned to the group. The trio then made their way through the east end districts to the open sewers in the Dreckslack Slums and descended into the filth to search for the beast and eventually running afoul of some sewer jacks.

The sewer jacks demanded the party present their permits to be allowed legal access to the sewers but of course the group didn’t have any. Arman tried to his best to sweet talk their way out of it but to no avail and during the exchange Gunter heard movement about the two groups. Gunter warned them but he was too late and the group found themselves surrounded by sinister red eyed creatures hidden from view from their lanterns reach.

A voice taunted them from out in the darkness, it was a cross between a hiss and a squeak. The creature said they were too close to it’s lair and that the group had done the creature (who called itself Scritch Scritch) a favour. In coming here the party had provided the creature with slaves he didn’t have to go out and get himself. The creature then launched a horde of clanrats upon the group. The party fought hard and as they were besting their enemies Scritch Scritch unleashed a hideous beast upon the group. The rat ogre named Boneclaw tore into the beleaguered sewer jacks, killing one of them instantly. One of their number, a skinny young man in ill fiting clothes and a shaved head darted past Boneclaw and told the party to run. Arman gathered up one of the dead clanrats and the party booked it as fast as possible to the sewer exit with Boneclaw hot on their heals.

The party made it out of the sewers but straight into the clutches of a group of Black Boy thugs. The black boys approached slowly intent on bashing their victims slowly but Boneclaw launched itself from the sewers and attacked them thinking they were it’s quarry. The party slunk away from the insuring chaos but not before catching the eye of Scritch Scritch who had risen from the sewers and was attempting to subdue Boneclaw. Scritch Sritch ran his finger across his throat and pointed at the party and on that troubling site the group disappeared out of harms way.

The party wrapped up the body of the Skaven in Gunter’s robes and attempted to talk to the surviving sewer jack. Out of the gloom and in full view it was evident the skinny young man was actually a woman in ill fitting male clothes. Her hair was shaved and across her scalp ran a series of recent viscous scars. The party said they would get a reward for the body from Dr Shulze if she wanted it but the woman wouldn’t talk with the party as she was distraught at the loss of her companions. The woman said she was going to report this to the watch but would leave them out of it and then left the group.

The party then took the corpse of the Skaven to Dr Shulze who was somewhat morose and then optimistic upon the discovery. The Dr showed them dozens of witness reports, books and manuscripts which the Dr had compiled over the past year and told them of the grand conspiracy to keep Skaven underwraps and that he planned on blowing the lid on all of it. The Dr paid the group 40 silver each and told them to come back tomorrow night.

The next day Jens turned up to work for the Dr as he had done before. The Dr was surprised as he secretly was keen to get rid of him but allowed Jens to continue work at least until he left Altdorf. Later on in the day a sinister group of guards arrived dressed in black uniforms, they were the Stasi. The Stasi officer asked to see the Dr and Jens lead them through, he overheard shouting but could not hear the details and shortly after the Stasiman left with the body of the Skaven concealed in a bag. Jens asked the Dr what happened and he said they took his research and the body of the Skaven and threatened him with imprisonment if he “spread more rumours”.

Later that night the rest of the party arrived and the Dr explained what happened, he said he would not be intimidated and hsould he come across more Skaven he would gladly pay for any samples either alive or dead. They began discussing payment when the windows crashed in and several black clad Skaven filled the room, murder in their eyes.

End Session



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